Saturday, March 26, 2016

"When Life Gives You Potatoes, Eat Them."

The famous old saying: "When Life Gives You Potatoes, Eat Them." Or something like that. In any case, life has given Joe a potato--the fact that he is taller by several inches than his mother. When given an unpleasant command, he often stands and looks menacingly down on his glowering mother. Unfortunately, the realm of authority cannot be broken by height, and he is forced to obey the latest order. Anyway, with the onset of Spring and warmer weather, the boys have been shamelessly overworked, trying to make the yard look beauteous. Dads ultimate goal, it seems, is to reverse all parts of his property: ripping out vegetation where it is present, and planting new vegetation where it is not. He has this obsession with planting sticks, (oops, I mean trees) all over the property. Fortunately, most have survived, and are budding. Dad found a new joy, the passing off of another job to his oldest son: pressure washing. He was happy with the work that was done, in spite of the word BORING appearing on the concrete before the job was complete. Katie has had a frightening driving experience in the very recent past, taking out an election sign, and shaking up her entire family. She has since driven a couple times, but never again on a highway. Mom and Dad's newest insanity was allowing Sam to purchase a tablet from his grandmother. "Its new and exciting." Mom says, in an attempt to explain the hours spent on the screen. Hopefully, with time it will wear off. Anyway, scattered as it is, this explains our recent past. For my next annual post, I'm sure there will be something crazy to write. Adios.


  1. Just so you know, height has NOTHING to do with authority! ;-)
    Love you, Joe.